The Play Store’s renegade application was removed by Google after a recent upgrade turned Barcode Reader into malware

Posted by Jim Walker

The Barcode Scanner is part of the Google Plus service, which enables premium apps to be accessed for free by paid customers. After customer complaints regarding dubious adverts and the finding of adware, the barcode scanner app was removed from the Google Play Store. According to a Malwarebytes forum user who observed this unethical practice of default browsers setting up unwanted adverts, the barcode scanner took over. Before it was removed from the Play Store, ten million people downloaded the app. After learning about the issue, Google removed the application. The Play Pass service includes the Barcode and enables paid subscribers to have free access to premium apps.

Malware mentioned in its blog that forum users have reported unpredictable programmes acting in any browser they were using, automatically sending them to unusual websites, and requesting the installation of yet another “Cleaner app” with questionable security concerns. It’s still available on phones with the setup even if it’s been removed from the Play Store. When Google Play Pass was in existence, the Barcode Scanner was one of its premium members-only features.

It is advised that customers remove the Barcode Scanner application as soon as possible. If you’re unable to locate it on your phone, check to see if it is already downloaded using the AppChecker application, and then uninstall it. “com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner” should correspond to the packaging name of the final product.Malwarebytes asserted that Barcode Reader was a straightforward programme that went dangerous following a rollout of an upgrade on December 4 of last year. It caused the application to deliver malware to smartphones with the installation. The app had been developed by LavaBird Ltd. prior to being removed from the Play Store.

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