Shopping Experience gets smoother with the latest POS technology

Posted by Jim Walker

Are you looking for an upgrade to the latest POS technology, the latest POS technology is defined for more effective customer engagement. Gone are the middleman traditional engagement days ,  presently the retailers are looking for technology that can serve two purposes- to get a critical reach of the shoppers and gather the contact information of their customers for future reference. 

Here we provide with examples of new POS system that would benefit the retailers by creating a positive shopping experience for their customers :

Digital Spinach provides a virtual consent to the customer about the new product or makes promotions while they are in store browsing. This immediate communication boosts up sales and motivates cross selling and impulsive buys.

The next POS system allows the customer to pay through multiple payment options. Paying through the smartphone using NFC ( Near field communication technology).

Waiting for a long time in the shopping line to complete the transaction.  But the latest mPOS allows the customer to complete their transaction anywhere , from any point of time. The latest POS uses the smartphone and thermal receipt printer to make the customer experience smoother and allow them to check out faster.

With the technical advantages , the digital receipts are advocated for making a hassle free experience for the customer. The customer with normal receipts has a fear of losing them or not getting them. The digital receipts could be easily stored and they can have access to it within a few clicks. 

The printed promotions have a greater influence on the minds of shoppers. With the discount coupons- the customers or the shoppers have 80% chance to buy from the shop again and again.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey during the checkout keeps the record of the necessary feedback and helps in engaging more sales, more repeats of the customers.

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