5 Reasons Why Your Video Game Store Needs a POS System

Posted by Jim Walker

There are several benefits of a POS system in a video game store. Considering the high turnover and size of your inventory, a POS system is a blessing to your sales and profitability. This article will cover all the benefits of having a POS system in a video game store – 

Inventory Management

Inventory management is very complicated because of a huge range of products available in the video game industry. You need to categorize various games, figure out the numbers, describe the titles, and perform other tasks related to inventory. Hence, a POS system can be very helpful in all such tasks. 

Managing Orders

Clients may have different requests related to specific games. Some games may not be available in your inventory at that moment. It could be complex to remember and track all such requests when it comes to take them in bulk or manually. 


There are chances that customers may want to sell a game. However, there is no guarantee that the game would be in demand later on. This is why consignment can be very helpful for both the buyer and seller. A POS System can help detect a consigned item to manage games and add another source of revenue. 


It can be very helpful to suggest a product to a customer when they shop a product to ensure that they don’t miss anything and discover new items that they didn’t imagine. There are chances that a customer picks a product and forgets a free item which comes with it. This way, cross-selling can help improve the visibility of your products and sales. 


A video game store should definitely offer video game rental services for customers to try and experience before buying a game. However, it might be complex to manage rentals because of elements like name, duration of rental, total titles rented, late charges, and so on.

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