Why Do You Need a POS System for Your Craft Beer Store?

Posted by Jim Walker

There has been a rapid growth of popularity witnessed over the years of microbreweries. There is an 8% rise in brewing facilities from 2019 to 2020 in Canada itself. A lot of retailers engaged in craft beers started offering different beverages to meet this demand. But this type of business is very complex to manage. Hence, it is highly recommended to use an efficient POS system for craft beer stores. 

Deposit Return System

Customers have become highly concerned over the planet and are now taking action to conserve it. A craft beer store may be involved in this cause if your customers have the option to return empty bottles and cans to the store. You can join in the collective cause to save the environment. A POS system can make this initiative as simple as possible. It eases the return of cans and bottles for everyone. 

Adding More Products

When it comes to adding more products to the inventory, you need to list them the same. A POS system can make this task easier as you just have to enter the name of the product and link it with a barcode. Now you merely need to add the number of products in stock. Just scan the products and enter the number to record in inventory. 

Cloud-based system 

Computer data of a microbrewery store is very important and it needs security measures. This way, a cloud POS system provides added protection as it automatically gets the data backed up on various servers. In case of system failure or fire incident, there is nothing to worry about data loss. In addition, you can constantly manage your business with this feature. This software can be accessed at any time to add, modify, and remove data. Even when you are on the break, you can efficiently manage your business on the go. 

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