The Right Security for Your Office or Storefront

Posted by Jim Walker
Security Video

Security Video

Security is a top priority for anyone who owns a business with an office or storefront. Choosing the right security measures within the bounds of your resources, and for the particular needs of your company, can be a difficult task. From simple measures you can implement easily to more advanced security options, there are many possibilities to consider.

Basic Security Measures

The most basic of security measures are commonly overlooked. Locks, especially deadbolts and window locks, are the first line of defense, but in order to be effective they must be used properly. Deadbolts should be installed on every door and locks on every window that can be opened. Ensure they are always in use, and remind employees of the same. Use caution when issuing keys to the premises and keep records of who has keys; make sure employees no longer working for you return all keys.

If money is kept on site, a safe is the best place to secure it. Cash and other valuables on site should be secured inside the safe on a regular schedule throughout the day. Ensure that only trusted employees have access to the safe’s combination and that it is installed in a secure location.

Install security doors and, if necessary, security windows that are break-resistant. Fences and lighting are also basic security measures that can reduce your risk of a loss. Parking areas should be well lit at night. Motion lights above doors are a good way of deterring intruders as well as making your entries safer for employees.

Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Technology can go a long way toward increasing the security of your office or storefront. Video surveillance is available in a variety of price ranges and can be a simple single camera or complex multi-camera system. Video surveillance can work as both a deterrent to crime and as a record of anything that happens on your property.

Alarm systems can also range in complexity. Motion sensors, sensors for breaking glass, and door and window alarms can all work together to create a comprehensive security system. These systems can be directly connected to a monitoring service that will notify police or other emergency services of a problem. These may also be combined with camera surveillance monitoring.

Other Security Measures

In some cases, a live security guard or canine security may be the best choice for your business. It’s important to consider both the cost and liability risks of such security measures, as injuries resulting from an encounter with an armed guard or guard dog can be the basis for lawsuits.

Choosing the location and layout of your office or storefront carefully is a pre-emptive security measure that many do not take into account. If possible, choose a low-crime area and design the layout of your premises for good visibility.

Carefully vetting your employees can protect you from theft or other crime from within the company. Background checks are a vital tool to ensure you hire the right people.

Emergency Measures

Another aspect to security that is often overlooked is emergency preparedness. Ensuring that fire safety rules are in place and enforced and that all employees and customers have a clearly marked escape route and plan can reduce injuries or worse. Make sure smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are all operational and checked regularly .

Ensure all employees are aware of safety and security procedures and review these measures regularly. Provide first aid kits at the minimum. Depending on your type of business and location, you may also want to consider emergency food kits, flashlights, spill cleanup kits, and other medical equipment such as a defibrillator. Make sure employees are trained in the use of all emergency equipment.

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