What are the Best Features to Choose a Pharmacy POS System?

Posted by Jim Walker

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Whether you are running a drug store or a huge pharmacy chain, you must have a pharmacy POS system. This system should have features to improve customer service and sales. Choose the POS system that can streamline inventory management so employees can focus more on customer service. Consider the following pointers for choosing the best pharmacy POS system – 

Document Management and Image Scanning 

Most pharmacies rely on document management. From prescriptions sent to maintain customers’ details in databases from physicians, pharmacies need to track a lot of data. So, a POS system should come with a scanning feature to ease and expedite the workflow. The pharmacist can store insurance plan details and scan and store prescription images. 

Cloud Backup 

Retaining data is important. But you also need to ensure that it is stored and accessible even in case your system crashes. Easy storage and scan of information doesn’t matter if you can lose it anytime. So, you need to look for a POS system which consists of cloud backup which backups the data and is easy to set up.  


You have access to personal information of your customers as a healthcare professional, including date of birth, social security number, driver’s license and medical history. In addition, you also have credit card information of your clients they have added while filling their prescription.  To protect their financial and medical details and to protect against legal action and malpractice, you must have a secure POS system which is protected by antivirus. You must also invest in a system which has permissions. You can set a limit to access to users on the basis of their positions.  

Medication Synchronization for Patients

It is another innovative and helpful feature. You can ensure that medication of a patient is filled at the same time every month. It will help you adhere to the medication pattern of patients. 

Loyalty Program 

After all, pharmacy works for profit. Hence, you need a POS system with cutting-edge targeted marketing. With text and email options, you can easily attract new clients and retain previous ones. Look for a POS system with a loyalty program. You can send coupons and promotions to emails and phone numbers of your customers. They will get back to you when it comes time to fill their prescription. 

User Friendly 

As a pharmacist, you may come across several types of complex medicine names and prescriptions. A complex system is the last thing you may deal with. Choose a POS system which is easy to navigate, use and learn. It will keep customers’ data easy to access, inventory updated, and everyone satisfied. 


You may definitely want to have important upgrades and updates for the POS system and stay ahead with latest trends. In addition, you need to look for the fast system to provide timely service to the customers.

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