Setting Up POS System – Important Configuration You Need to Know

Posted by Jim Walker

When it comes to starting a business, the first thing you need to do is to set up a POS system. No matter you are a startup or an already existing business, the following configuration would help you. New systems launch every year. New releases always affect minimum requirements to ensure POS systems running smoothly. If you have an outdated PC to run POS software, you may face sluggish performance, crashes, and even worse, data losses. 

Consider the following configuration requirements when buying the new POS system to ensure that you can check out your customers smoothly and record transactions properly. 


Apart from processing power, connectivity is the next thing you will need to set up a POS system. 1Mbps (up) and 2Mbps (down) are the minimum internet speed required. For best performance, 2 Mbps (Up) and 6 Mbps (download) speed are recommended. 


You can use any of your desired internet browsers but, please, no Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are some of the best internet browsers to manage POS. Mozilla Firefox is best in terms of privacy thanks to its updates. On the other side, Chrome is best for its functionality as it has lots of extensions to choose from. 

Memory and Processing 

A POS System requires 1GB RAM, 3GB Hard Disk space, and a clock speed of 1 GHz. These specs are very common in any budget desktop or laptop. You can easily buy one to start up. 


You can use any printer that can support other pieces of POS hardware. But you should have one which also supports a cash drawer. 

Barcode Scanner 

You can invest in a decent barcode scanner to make checkouts even easier by setting it to keyboard mode. If you want to use it with an iPad or tablet POS, choose the one with Bluetooth support. 

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