Barcode recognition system

Posted by Jim Walker

barcode is a tool that has evolved in its use throughout history to help the optimization of business processes. Providing multiple benefits to improve efficiency and productivity, faster and easier information capture, obtaining an accurate reading, greater stock control, and knowing which products have more output, among other things, is really very important to help have control in Point of Sale products.

Let-‘s see the benefits of the barcode recognition system.

Object Identification- The technology used in a barcode is known as object identification or Auto-ID; it performs the automatic recognition, decoding, processing, transmission, and registration of the most common data through the printing and reading of the information that is encoded in a barcode. Its function is that each product is uniquely identified to be integrated into the distribution chain, offering complete, structured, and updated information in real-time.

The consumer obtains a better and faster service when passing through the Point of Sale, avoiding long waiting times- Although this is expected of a large or very commercial company, adopting techniques and technologies that speed up and make efficient an operation in which the client is involved, will help him feel satisfied and cared for very well (do not forget the treatment of the cashier/vendor)

A digital system for the point of sale has the property of streamlining this task since, with the code reader, it can execute the payment quickly; there is no longer a need to locate the product to know what the price is.

It is imperative that you provide prompt and efficient purchase attention. One of the objectives of a system is that it seeks to optimize business processes and offer customers a unique shopping experience, and through actions such as barcode scanning with the generation of information, they are very useful for the business.

Increase in the speed in the reading of data and increase of information- A “basic” barcode recognition system will only contain the information required to execute the operations that the business requires, but what if it could do more? A sophisticated and advanced information development system will not only allow the execution of tasks faster than average, but it can also become an information generator.

To say the least, by having a digital management system for a retail business, the barcode reader will be able to process purchases as a knowledge base for the business because data such as what product is being sold can be obtained more daily? On what day and time do you buy less? Are customers making a promotion valid? How long is the purchase process taking? Etc.

The instruments for reading the codes are easy to connect-  Although the creation of the codes was a unique commercial advance, which managed to integrate information into a series of linear patterns, there was NO way to “read” it. It wasn’t until technology advanced, and the device was developed that it could complement this groundbreaking advance. It was even reached in the year 1980 to have a manual reader (which is something similar to the ones we have today).


Undoubtedly, all these antecedents generated the need for an easy-to-use, mobile and efficient reader that managed to interpret the information in the barcodes. So today, we know that it is imperative to have this instrument that achieves its function and the process is not interrupted; today, it is very easy to have a barcode recognition system that can connect via USB, also Bluetooth, and even WiFi.

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