Top 4 F&B Technology Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Posted by Jim Walker

Since COVID-19 pandemic is still not over yet, technology has been the only savior for F&B industry and it keeps on driving restaurants to recover their operations across several verticals. It’s not the time for restaurant operators to miss out on any tech trend. Here are some of the top trends to look out for – 

Cloud Kitchens 

This trend is followed by many restaurant operators along with their existing premises during pandemic. The key here is to maintain consistency and food quality to keep these businesses running. Automation can ease the operations of cloud kitchens because food is the only way to keep customers engaged. Cloud kitchens are easy to experiment and they have low rental and operational cost. 

Voice Assistants 

Virtual assistants are no longer a new technology. Several popular brands like Pizza Hut and KFC use this technology. Voice technology is going to be the next big thing to look out for in upcoming days. Restaurants can integrate with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri to enhance customer experience by letting them to order anything and give feedback directly through their voice. The integration of voice assistants and AI could also help in backing and chefs to prepare orders. 


Along with automation from restaurant POS, a lot of restaurants are also switching to robots for their operations. They are looking forward to replace their human servers with robots to avoid the stress of manual errors, hiring, and employee turnover. Robot delivery services are also being tested. A lot of restaurants in the US have also deployed robots to conduct the process of food processing, i.e. from making cocktails to flipping burgers. 

CRM for Marketing Automation 

Customer satisfaction has always been the important part to grow a business. This is the reason why restaurants were compelled to automate their operations. You need proper CRM tools to gather feedback and insights from customers.

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