What is an IP Camera? How to Set Up a Network Camera?

 network IP camera

network IP camera

Network IP cameras have several IP cameras connected to a Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder over a network. The network IP camera sends video footage and other info in digital form to the NVR through a network cable. The NVR records stream from cameras for motion alerts and playback. They are also known as NVR camera systems as they are widely used with network recorders. 

Is an internet connection required for IP Camera? 

No, internet connection is not required for an IP camera. Local Area Network is a computer network used by IP systems. It is PoE switch and NVR. The Internet is required only when you need to access the footage remotely over the web. 

What do you need to set up an IP Security Camera?

  • PoE Switch 

PoE Switch is the heart of the entire network which transmits data between recorder and cameras. Transmitting and powering data needs networking equipment from IP cameras. The 12V DC adaptors power up the IP cameras near the installation point. PoE technology can be used in PoE switch which provides data and power over one cable and from one device. 

  • Security Camera Recorder 

If you are seeking a central location to record, manage, download and playback recorded video, a security camera recorder is the heart and brain of surveillance systems. An IP camera, the recorder can be of any NVR or DVR. To establish a system with only PoE cameras, it is advised to use NVR. It offers superior compatibility with video analytics. 

  • IP Security Cameras 

Of course, IP security cameras are the main aspects of camera systems. They can capture video and send the same to NVR with PoE switch. The PoE and IP cameras have pigtail for PoE connectivity with RJ45 connector and 12v DC connector. You can ignore the 12V DC connector if you are using PoE switch as it is used only in installation where you cannot access the PoE power. Be sure to protect pigtails when it comes to installing an IP camera. All IP cameras have a weather boot to secure the RJ45 connector. 

  • CAT5e/CAT6 Network Cable 

It is very vital to use quality network cable for proper data transmission and power supply between PoE switch, cameras, and NVR. You can find a lot of cable grades. It is always advised to use full copper CATe cable for around 150ft runs. 

  • ISP Router/Modem for Remote Viewing 

Internet router is the last component to set up IP camera. You may have a modem, internet router or both provided by your ISP. A router binds the whole network together and data is routed between recorders, switches, and computers on the LAN network. The router connects the cameras to the internet so you can view remotely.