5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your POS System to Turbo Charge Your Business Productivity

POS system

POS system

A lot of retailers and restaurants are still stuck to their traditional POS system since they started their business. It leads to a lot of conflicts in stores, inventory and fulfilling marketing needs. Is your business having more troubles than before? There are chances that you need to upgrade your existing POS system. With that said, here are some of the common signs to look for – 

1. Is it still not Cloud-based? Seriously???

Cloud technology has become the most important part of the business sector. According to Emergent Research & Intuit Inc’s study, over 80% are going to be adopting cloud-based technology for their POS systems by the end of 2020. There are lots of benefits of having a cloud-based POS program. Some POS systems even come with hybrid technology to support both cloud-based software and locally-installed hardware. 

2. Your system is Buggy, Sluggish and Complex 

If your existing system is too old, there is no excuse to be with your current POS system. Your system needs a serious upgrade if you are still using ancient technology with dirt. Ask these questions yourself – 

  • How many times do you need to reboot and restart a system in a week?
  • Are you constantly dealing with software which blinks out or jams every now and then? 
  • Is it too complex to train a new employee just because of torturous system?

Ease of use has become the next big trend in most industries. There are lots of ultra-slim and super simple platforms available. A modern system can easily build confidence among customers and shows how much you care about your business.

3. Outdated Hardware 

How often your mind urges to buy a new smartphone or any gadget in your personal life? Though you cannot replace the whole POS setup every year or two, keep in mind that average hardware goes outdated after every 5 to 7 years. A lot of new applications don’t support older components. Of course, most POS companies would want to spend money on new systems. But it is also true that a lot of older receipt printers, cash drawers, and POS terminals can’t support the features that modern POS software offers nowadays. 

4. Old features 

Of course, inventory tracking was once extraordinary. Today, it has become standard. Think of the average time your customer uses the web. This is the 21st century and it’s time to engage with customers online. Here are some of the modern features you need in modern systems – 

  • Real-time reporting 
  • Customer loyalty programs 
  • Social media integration 
  • Online ordering and other e-commerce features
  • Digital payment receipts 
  • Email marketing campaigns 

If you are not using the above features, of course your competitors do. 

5. Old-school payment methods 

Traditional credit card processors add further steps to reporting and even slow down transactions. A lot of POS vendors enable users to choose merchant service providers to integrate with. Some also offer in-house processing of payments. In fact, most customers want to use Android Pay, Apple Pay or other mobile wallets when they shop. You might be losing a lot of customers if your POS doesn’t have NFC support.